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A study on the way we codify movement. Trisha Triptych is based on Trisha Brown's Accumulation piece from 1971 in which she was seeking to codify a dance of pedestrian gestures. Using a collection of everyday movements Trisha Brown accumulates a series of movements to create a dance piece. Using the codified moves available through Mixamo that were similar to Trisha Brown's choices, I created a Trisha animation that essentially re-choreographs the entire work. By placing my self as the third addition of the study I am pointing out the traverse of time; Trisha Brown is the past, Trisha the animation is the future and I am in the present, informed by the motions of each. The choreography for me is far more sparse than Trisha Brown's and significantly more human than the Trisha Animation. By looking at the three versions we notice the multiplicity movement. In it's best representation this project would be presented through archival video of Trisha Brown (2D), hologram of Trisha the Animation and a live performative element. 


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