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I miss dancing with people, taking weight in motion. 

I performed in person for the first time in a year! It was a special sunset dance performance in Times Square entitled Encantó on March 5th and 6th at 5:45pm. The work was inspired by the installation entitled Love Letters and the ways we convey care for ourselves and others. Love Letters, created by Soft Firm is the winning sculpture of the 2021 Love in Times Square Design Competition. Soft-Firm is represented by Lexi Tsien and TalithaLiu. 

This spring I will be working with Alvin Ailey BFA Students on choreographic ideas. I am excited to experience again the camaraderie that exists within the dance studio. Many thanks to Melanie Person and Gus Solomons, Jr. for this opportunity. 


I have the honor and pleasure to be working with my friend Kimberly Bartosik as my mentor for this lab period. 

It’s been hard to find inspiration but I am grateful to friends that continue to question their art making and share their practices with me. David Norsworthy and I have some exciting news in the works for Possibilities of Dialogue in 2022. I am working with Peter Kyle and Trinity College this Spring for his InterArts Class. Erica Keberle and I are filming a work in one of her beautifully designed and for sale houses. 


Links to some of my Current Curiosities! 

 xo, MG


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