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Welcome 2020!

With a bit more time in the month of January, I have the space to pontificate a bit more than usual. What are  the dances I remember? Is it because of the mover, the choreography, or is it the way it made me feel? When a dance felt uncomfortable, was I willing to be there, and sit there with that?  These questions go beyond a performance, but really speak to approach and willingness through life. I want to be more open, generous and comfortable with that which makes me uncomfortable. 

Performances Coming up: APAP Season

Helen Simoneau Saturday 1/11 @1:30 Studio 4 City Center

                               Sunday  1/12 @10:30 Studio 4 City Center and @5:30 Studio 5 City Center

As always I would love to hear what you are up to! Send me a note! LOVE! 


This was updated  January 9, 2020


This now page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

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