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In the Fold

In the Fold is a geometric abstraction through music, visuals and movement in which the viewer is asked to suspend reality and join the fold of collective dreaming toward the urban ideal of humanization of modern technology, architecture and creativity.


The evening featured live jazz performance, contemporary dance, and multi-projector slide projection onto intricately folded paper screens. The performers will have distinct stations in each room, however will intermix and improvise during the course of the performance. The attending audience will be encouraged to do the same. 


Compositions by Ryan Keberle

Music Performed by Ryan Keberle (trombone, synthesizer, laptop, FX) and Brad

Wentworth (drum set, FX)

Sculpture and Slide Projection by Caleb Nussear

Movement Direction by Marielis Garcia

Dance performed by Marielis Garcia & Nicole von Arx


In the Fold is a recurrent, site-specific, and multidisciplinary performance

between sculptor Caleb Nussear, jazz trombonist and composer Ryan

Keberle and movement director/choreographer Marielis Garcia that contemplates nostalgia and dreaming through the study of sense and perception. This was the 6th iteration of this project. 


Special Thanks to Chashama and the NYC Council for the Arts for making this project possible.  

Thursday, October, 10th and Friday, October 11th, 2019 @ 7:30 pm.

Video Available Upon request

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