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At The Cusp of One Thing

and Another


Last Section of At the CuspBrad Wentworth
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Judith Butler is an American philosopher who asserts that gender is a performative act. At the Cusp of One Thing and Another is about an individual and her relationship to the strong, joyous, monstrous, vile, and beautiful array of what it means to be female/female identifying. In developing this piece it felt necessary, and a bit crazy to have a large group of female bodies claiming space and proclaiming self ownership. I am unabashedly grateful, and appreciative to each woman that is sharing the stage with me tonight. As I continue to explore this work I am eager to include more female identifying people of color, non heteronormative, and people with disabilities in an effort to perform with the widest array of female identifying bodies. This work is about going beyond simple binary options and exploring the many things that make up each individuals' gender identity.

Special Thanks to: Alexa Nyberg, Annabel Jasmine, Angela Miller, Ann Ilan Alter, Astrée Périchon, Breanna Dribble, Dana Dogett, Danielle Staropoli, Daria Fitzgerald, Emelie Boll, Emily Sarkissian, Erin Finn, Haleigh Dalke, Heeso Choi, Jackie von Arx, Jessica Ruhlin, Laura Mead, Maddie Hanson, Madeline Jfari, Megan Curet, Nicole Restani, Nikki McVinua, Sunhi Willa Keller

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