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A Test Drive invites 4 artists (per episode) to present/share/talk about/dance an idea they are interested in sharing publicly but is not yet complete. The whole event is based on the creative process and presenting a bit of process. What does 'process' look like for the variety of artists working with dance/movement. In this current moment and how does presenting 'process' manifest or develop when it is performative  over virtual viewings? (How does presenting the process to an unseen audience change the process itself?) 

A certain sense of informality is part of this event... open to the imagination of each artist and how they might want to present their process.


What this event is trying to do is combine concept, process and performance and share that with the public (even though the performer/creator/artist cannot engage with the public in the same way one would in a shared space performance.) 


The artists are invited to share the intimacy of giving an idea A Test Drive.

  Artists Participating in

A Test Drive 1.0.png


DECEMBER 11, 8pm

A Test Drive 1.0.png

 Please use this area for sharing your thoughts...

Thanks for Joining Us. 

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