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Redefine Lonely

The analogue social network

Have you ever felt like you wanted to reach out to someone          

                  exchange words 

                         share something... 

What are we doing?

Through the project entitled Redefine Lonely we are trying to expand the use of the word lonely, so that people can express loneliness without fear of misinterpretation or ostracism.

Written material created by users of the site, will be periodically and anonymously snail mailed to people whom have expressed interest in receiving word based artifacts that spread the redefinition of loneliness.

Letters Acceptance Process


  • By contributing written material you recognize that there is an approval process for the material you are submitting. 


  • The approval of submitted written material is left to the discretion Redefine Lonely staff. 


  • You will be notified of the approval of your material.  

We will NEVER sell your information


  • By contributing written material you must list your email address; we will solely use your email as your user name in conjunction with the pseudonym you have created and to notify you once your material has entered the snail mail rotation


  • By providing your address, we commit to only sending letters that redefining lonely and are approved for circulation. We will never send promotional material, or sell your address.  ​We will connect your address to your email as your user name in conjunction with the pseudonym you created; we will only email you if there is a problem with the address you provided. 


What are we doing?

Eventually this project will lead to a collection of written material that will turn into a free book, with illustrations. 

Who's running this?

This project was developed by dancer Marielis Garcia, as an attempt to connect with others outside of her circles. 

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