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Redefine Lonely

The analogue social network

Have you ever felt like you wanted to reach out to someone          

                  exchange words 

                         share something... 

What is the history?

Lone (adj.)


late 14c., "having no companion, solitary, apart from any other," shortening of alone (q.v.) 


Compare live (adj.), from alive; colloquial 'long for along.


The Lone Star in reference to Texas is first recorded 1843, from its flag when it was a nation. 


Lone wolf in the figurative sense is 1901, American English.

Share Lonely History

Do you know more Lonely references throughout history? Share below and we will post it above~ 

Why Change the Context?

Moving toward the compassion, and understanding is essential and not idealistic. 

If it is generally understood that everyone experiences loneliness and the sense of isolation, we can work toward the transparency of vulnerability and  generosity. We believe that this kind of approach to caring for others has the potential to have wide spread implications.

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