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sensory experiences will get collected and added below in the next few days

your sensory experience has been documented, and will be added below in the next few days. thank you

documents of sensory experiences

I noticed 30 seconds of mostly silence, a door, car noises, the cardinal, noises in the barn, a tarp being pulled down, clearing throat, footsteps above, Car, zipper, something dropped, You enter and turn on a screen or open a little window.  

But I also noticed at various times, the pot on the stool that >lamp, the box and something on the wall UR, the barn structure and those wonderful doors (like an old silent movie).

-sound, sight, texture, and it was an old barn, so I had hints of odor, especially the scuffed or damp concrete smell.


i don't get it.

-an audience member

There’s something about the unexpected halting of your movement, combined with the suspension of your body in space, visually, like that first pulling away/hanging from the barn door, that for me created a strong kinesthetic response. It also resonated for me as a kind of sculptural experience, like I could feel myself comprehending/sensing what a hold like that might feel like.


experience beyond words.


criss cross. remix. twirl. Eye tick-tocking. walking while sitting in pajamas. Swirly. (loving this) -- Feel it in my toes. Nice barn!  I feel like you can see us!


Back ache, eyes burning, I am intrigued... I crack my neck and read the minutes 6:15 til performance. Will try to rearrange my sit, make myself comfortable. Can't stop thinking about the stage, and the techy people, and the dancer. Who was the dancer? curtains, wooden floor, videos, and choreographing everything again... I will keep the booklet as a souvenir in my imagination.


i wonder what it feels like to spontaneously pixelate.


I saw right-side-up, upside down, and in between the two. I felt disoriented, manipulated, exposed. I sensed a shift in my perspective. I felt connected to the old and stumbling through the new. I felt abnormal. I found consistency and comfort in the light(s). I saw proximity and closeness despite distance. I felt seen.

-jess michal

Very engaging, especially the hand movements, possibly my confusion makes it more engaging. I kept trying to figure out where to look, but now I'm absorbing it in a meta-way. Thank you.


Arriba y abajo, entre, suelos y coyunturas, hilos entretejidos, MIRAR.


Imaginar al bailarín , el espacio del teatro, la multiplicidad de presencias y experiencias, ¿cuan amplio es el escenario? Se unde, se eleva, vibra...vibra. Pienso en lo vivo.


i came and went and came and went. for a live (as in back in the other world) performance, i am part of a captive audience... here, dangling in the ether across invisible digital lines, i'm left to the will of my own attention span. it is hard to know what's right here. i have a strong memory of you, in the upper left corner, rocking-traveling backwards on your sitz bones. in a mysterious place my apartment body is curious about and low key envious of. perhaps that's enough. a rarified place. i feel (my relationship) -to- /an art form/ disappearing and recomposing itself into something curious and also barren. that's not necessarily a bad thing. just strange. or perhaps that is just the sound my heart beats now, staring hours on end into an illuminated screen...


 when the camera turned i wondered about proximity to sharp corners / objects jutting out. the sound in the barn vs. the sound in the camera upside down, catching breath, low-fi big changes


 When you glitched, I glitched. You were static. So was I. Together we sat.


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