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Choreographing Problems: Expressive Concepts in European Contemporary Dance and Performance    -Bojana Cvejic ́

  • "As the philosophical argument will show... choreographies unfold a practice of thought rooted in the problematization of specific concerns of contemporary dance, such as the body-movement bind with respect to expression and form, improvisation, and processuality. Most importantly, their forte lies in introducing a method of creation by way of problem-posing, which merits philosophical attention..."


The Nikolais/Louis Dance Technique: A Philosophy and Method of Modern Dance  -Alwin Nikolais & Murray Louis

  • "When child skips down the street, It is perhaps a release of excess energy, but it is not necessarily  dance. When a child skips [in a particular setting] purposefully and consciously executing the motion for its own sake, then the skip becomes dance."

  • "Dance as the art of motion is, among other things, the architectural design of directions."


Of The Presence of the Body: Essays on Dance and Performance Theory    -Edited by Andre Lepecki

Peggy Phelan wrote about a Trisha Brown version of Orfeo. By examining the way Trisha Brown choose to close the piece; differently from what one might expect from the known story of Orfeo. 


attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way, often to no useful effect


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