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entré = inside and in-between

I have spent my life caught between my body as specimen (muscles, tendons, bones) and my conditional body defined by personal history, societal implications and physical manifestation.


In the past year, I have been moved by out shared challenges. All of us trying to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, sometimes sharing a practice, other times just ignoring pain to move forward with the day.  We are ,and maybe have always been, at a place where the collective experience is in direct relationship to a personal/individual experience.  


Entré Worlds explores layers of identity and physical bodies, an investigation toward a cavernous connection to our ancestral, emotional and spiritual selves, while also attempting to connect with others. In Entré Worlds we are trying to create an environment straddling physical and digital worlds. This work builds toward a conjunctive performance where collaboration and connection exist in an online space (this site) and in a physical environment. 

To paraphrase Roland Barthes in his examination of the photograph (and potentially extend his examination to this digital performance), "The photograph [the  digital performance] is an extended, loaded evidence — as if it caricatured not the figure of what it represents (quite the converse) but its very existence ... The photograph [the digital performance] then becomes a bizarre medium, a new form of hallucination: a temporal hallucination..." 


Each performer is live streamed in their own feed and audience members exist across realities. On the website, audiences will have the ability to access rehearsal materials (drawings, photographs, journal entries); and experience visual artist Diana Guerra's photographs (temporal hallucinations). In person audiences will experience a live performance, share a drink with the performers, go home with a memento of Diana's photographs, perhaps to encounter the work again from the website, a different temporal hallucination. These different ways of ingesting the work’s themes transcend beyond real-time, a forever one time performance; ephemerality digitized.

Individual experiences and shared experiences will come together in a multi-layered narrative of coexistence and subjectivity, un-beseeched by time. An experience that places the viewer inside and in-between worlds


~ Marielis   

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