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**choreographic structure maps

(randomized sequences that exist in relationship to movement phrases and suggest sensorial and inspirational aide) 


*movement phrases

(verbal language of movement material)


Performance artists Nicole and Jenn were given the materials below. The choreography has been created and learned through their personal interpretations. None of the rehearsals had shared space or time. The performance is the the first time these artists' version of the choreography will co-exist. Using chance, shared vocabulary, and communal experiences of dance and dance making these artists are trusting the world they have built while exhibiting those said worlds in tandem with someone else. 

I don't fully understand it, but Adaptive Filters are used in image processing to clarify, restore and enhance data by removing noise without significantly blurring the structures in the image. Because all of the creative efforts of this piece were created through digital exchange, the work has many embedded layers of adaptive filters.

The basic formula of an adaptive filter is the structure of this work.


adaptive filter.png

xk = 11(k) stances (still) that are representational of a personal confidence; not practiced, or demonstrative confidence, but casual, fully yourself 


X = your stances in motion


fk = 11(k) gestures of glitch. 

    For inspiration: "In a society that conditions the public to find discomfort or outright fear in the errors and malfunctions of our socio-cultural mechanics—illicitly and implicitly encouraging an ethos of “Don’t rock the boat!”—a “glitch” becomes an apt metonym. Glitch Feminism, however, embraces the causality of “error”, and turns the gloomy implication of glitch on its ear by acknowledging that an error in a social system that has already been disturbed by economic, racial, social, sexual, and cultural stratification and the imperialist wrecking-ball of globalization—processes that continue to enact violence on all bodies—may not, in fact, be an error at all, but rather a much-needed erratum. This glitch is a correction to the “machine”, and, in turn, a positive departure." (L. Russell, The Society Pages, 2013) 


fk * (combined with)  X = the moving stances and gestures together



y = a phrase created by marielis, learnedly both  performers


dk = 11 desires; it can be representational or not, but you must truly evoke that desire when doing motion; (granted desires change from day to day) d can be variable from day to day (but then you must make a new list and movements each day you run this section; if that seems like too much consider setting your d’s from the creation day’s desires


USj = an interrupted moment for Jenn as an Unknown System (Jenn floor schmere)

USn = an interrupted moment for Nicole as an Unknown System (Nicole floor schmere  

ε = error. in the moment, not part of the choreo. 


W = selfie phrase 


Σ = Summation ???

score for now; Marielis' version of these phrases, though the performer's have their own version, except for y and selfie. 

xk and X




score for now; Nicole's version of these phrases 





score for now; Jenn's version of these phrases 





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