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LIVE and Live Streamed: Special sunset dance performance in Times Square entitled Encantó on March 6th (2021) at 5:45pm.

There were two sunset dance performances in Times Square entitled Encantó on March 5th and 6th (2021) at 5:45pm. This work is inspired by the installation entitled Love Letters and the ways we convey care for ourselves and others. Love Letters, created by Soft Firm is the winning sculpture of the 2021 Love in Times Square Design Competition. Soft-Firm is represented by Lexi Tsien and Talitha Liu. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 4.41.43 PM.png

MUSIC by Brad Wentworth

Love Letters/EncantoBrad Wentworth
00:00 / 19:02

COSTUME Design By Yi-Lin Zhao

Time square Love Letter Project.jpg
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