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MG DanceArts Educational Programming 

Our Mission:

MG DanceArts seeks to exhibit the power of movement and dance by connecting with audiences of all ages and challenging the conventions of the art form. We hope to continuously confront and revise the social and economic circumstances that prevent dance from being accessible to all. Through multidisciplinary performances and educational programming MG DanceArts promotes curiosity, engagement and self awareness, so that people can connect to themselves and the world at large.

Current Collaborators

Washington Heights Community            Conservatory of Fine Arts

Providing free dance classes to children of this community 

Bronx River Arts Center

Providing  dance classes to children of this community 

STUFFED: Dinner and Performance

Providing free dinner and high caliber dance performances to the community

Marielis Garcia is a fiscally sponsored as non-profit company named MG DanceArts. If you are interested in supporting the development and creative endeavors of Marielis please consider making a tax deductible donation by clicking the Fractured Atlas link below. Also, keep in mind that volunteering, noncash or in kind donations, matching gifts, or even just spreading the word is also appreciated. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in supporting MG DanceArts!

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