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Dance and Design on Camera 

Modern Rep.

Class Assignment 5: Shake it UP

Class Assignment 4: ⚡️MAGIC ⚡️

Class Assignment 3: Storyboarding

Amber                       Christina                   Ely

Eric                          Rose                           Vicki 


Yi-Lin                       Gaya                           Megan


Caroline                   Paetyn                        Cyrah 


Krissy                      Renee                          Tristan 



Please refer to one of your classmates Storyboards and/or videos when answering at least one of the following questions:

How clear was the storyboard on it's own? Did the storyboard come to life after watching the film?

What worked for your budding definition of screendance?

What did you learn/notice about storyboards in relationship to watching the video work?

What risks did you see?


(Please write 2-3 sentences and follow up with a question to the class; read others' comments and respond to at least 2 people's comments.)

Class Assignment 2: What's in the can?

Class Assignment 1: Collection as Impulse, Collection as Data, Collection as Synthesis and Collection as Form...  

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