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Loneliness and Social Withdrawal


  • Feeling lonely is followed by an over-attentiveness of social cues and a negative interpretation of social information, and further social withdrawal. This may result in an increase risk of prolonged or loneliness

Loneliness and Learning


  • According to studies lonely children who showed a pattern of general social withdrawal became more deficient in social skills over time

Redefine Lonely

The analogue social network

Have you ever felt like you wanted to reach out to someone          

                  exchange words 

                         share something... 

What are we Saying?

1.   By redefining the way people think about       the word lonely we hope to shift the societal ignominy of admitting a sense of loneliness.


2. By reaching out to others, and sharing words 

that take time and effort to create we hope to     start a revolution in which vulnerability is 

supported and encouraged.

3. Propogate a way of engaging & communicating with others that is inclusive and generous.

4. Eventually we hope to create a book and/or art series that  becomes a resource for others to read during spells of loneliness and... 

Some Research

Research Articles Linked

Loneliness an Epidemic?


  • "According to study conducted by the Harvard School of Medicine 1/5 people suffer from the feeling of loneliness; which adversely can effect health..."  

Loneliness and the Elderly


  • "Elderly individuals, who are already experiencing decline in immune function, are more likely to identify as lonely..."

Loneliness and its Mechanisms


  • "Negative social expectations tend to elicit behaviors from others that confirm the lonely persons’ expectations, thereby setting in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy in which lonely people actively distance themselves from would-be social partners even as they believe that the cause of the social distance is attributable to others and is beyond their own control. This self-reinforcing loneliness loop is accompanied by feelings of hostility, stress, pessimism, anxiety, and low self-esteem and represents a dispositional tendency that activates neurobiological and behavioral mechanisms that contribute to adverse health outcomes."

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