The [MarielisGarcia] Museum of Curiosities  (2/5/2020)

For this exercise, I am using the internet as it was originally thought of- a budding utopia of accessible information, an ideological container for that which no one person, place or thing could ever hold. My container is portable, accessible and ephemeral. 

Below is a collection of items that describe who I am and how I arrived toward taking Art and Community.  

Non Linear
Doughnuts and Food (Doughnut Plant)
You can not contain nature.
Collective Making
15 years
A Body Map

50 Observations (1/27/2020)

Things are broken.
Crashed into
A spider web holds light.
The tile looks like an amoeba.
The nights are loud.
The nights can be peaceful.
145 is a major uptown cross-fare.
There is a lot of variation.
Classic elements
Majestic elelements
The curve of this space delights me.
Speckled floor 1
speckled floor 2
speckled floor 3
speckled floor 4
a great place to sit
These gas fillers are very NYC
Punch of color 1
Punch of color 2
A lot of people
History abounds
Beautiful architecture
Green abounds 1
Green abounds 2
green abounds 3
green abounds 4
green abounds and so do gates
Gates 1
gates 2
gates 3
gates 4
decorative gates
gates and poop
Abundant Blues 1
Abundant Blues 2
Abundant Blues 3
Abundant Blues 4
Decorative touches
Details Big
Small Details
A car on the side walk
Lines are drawn
Shadowy History
A view from home
peeling paint
Peeling paint and a burst of color
The Swirl of Sugar Hill
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