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Project Ideas

This is a collection of potential projects looking at the binaries created from two maps depicting the the conditional body (female, modified or aged) and the specimen body ( cellular regeneration, homeostasis, and development). Limited by my own point of view, these projects tackle female vs. human.  We tend to be able to assess emotional and intrinsic wellbeing, yet, we tend to lack attention or interest in the scientific, foreign body. Where does the soul reside, and is that scientific? Do societal implications directly affect the way we attend to, take notice of and develop within our own bodies?


These projects all question what it means to be a viewer. By creating work that fosters a sensory awareness of movement within each person, I hope to highlight the potential kinesthetic interactions between the viewer and the work and from that encourage bodily autonomy within each viewer.

It all has a Pulse

This work investigates the basic life source of the body, the heart as well as one of the most contentious emotions, unity.   

Using unison choreography over an extended period of time, dancers of various body types will wear a heart monitor that will project their heart rates publicly on a wall behind them. The viewer can watch the movement sequences and see the variations of heart beats, despite the unison of motion.  On the edges of the room- audience members will be able to press their hands on a panel including their heartbeat to the collection of pulses in the room.

Barely There

    Though various health outlets have written articles about the benefits of yoga, only a third* of Americans actually practice yoga, and even less practice meditation. This project invites the viewer to step into kinesthetic awareness.

Throughout an open space I will replicate the standard yoga class layout. Visitors will be invited to stay a while and practice on the Yoga Maps that are around the room. Each yoga mat will be painted using conductive tape. Upon people interacting with the mats the heat of their body would illuminate a subtle light show on the ceiling above.

Project 2- P2.jpg

Everything is Fine

Why was information about the testing and creation of the contraceptive pill hidden? Because of  The discovery and testing of contraceptive drugs is clouded in mystery- and yet the pill is still used as a way of controlling the female body. Who has access and who doesn’t? How often have people willingly held the various forms of female centric contraception?

In a dimly lit room, there would be various versions of the containers that usually hold woman contraceptives. Upon being picked up- the areas where the pills would be will light up with led lights.


Project2- p5.png

Looking at the various surgeries that are cosmetic, this project seeks to highlight the absurdity of social pressures to maintain/attain the perfect body through pharmaceutical and surgical procedures. I hope to create a online shopping experience, where you can choose your own breast, butt, cheek bones and calves. Of coarse the packaging must be sleek and minimalist.  

Soft B's

Project 2-p4.2-Current View.png

The Mobile Collection


This project digs into the economic disparity between males and females.

A seemingly blank room, will actually have the global gender pay gap disparities painted on the walls upside down or sideways.  Viewers will be offered silicon masks that once donned will reveal the disturbing global figures. In an effort to read the material on the walls, viewers will need to alter their body positions, bend over, squint. The pay gap should make them viscerally uncomfortable.

Project 2- P6.jpg
Project 2- P6.2.jpg
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